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This is a new site uploaded by a team of
university researchers and professorsthat have serious complaints against IEEE
and many arguments against its legal status. So, we have created this forum to fight the making-profit policy of
IEEE. We declare that we will stop all of our efforts, if IEEE cease to be a profit-making company and if the IEEE President Michael Adler stop to be an unethical person. We want an IEEE real non-for-profit academic organization.
However, currently IEEE is really a scam.
We want to correct this "SCAM IEEE" and we want to improve the recent
bad reputation of this big organization
We invite you to send us your opinion of how to proceed.
Send us an email at
and we will reply you shortly
This web page is a FORUM for the IEEE reputation or better for the IEEE SCAM.
We cannot accept the way that we are treated in IEEE Conferences. Rude Presidents,
Unpolite Ph.D. students that help their Supervisor - Chairman of the Conference.
This is ridiculus. We must improve this situation and for this reason we want your opinion.
We will host all the views here. Please, email us

Please, visit:

Hello, Michael Adler. If each IEEE Conference gathers more than 1200 registrations, with an average of 600 $, we have 720000 $.
In what pocket all this money goes
Other Societies like SIAM, ACM etc... does not have this behaviour.
We try to have a discount in your conference, but we failed.
“This has created just tremendous bad will toward the IEEE,” said Kenneth Foster,
a University of Pennsylvania professor of bioengineering and an IEEE fellow

The petition's administrator, professor Michael Gevers of Universite
Catholique du Louvain in Belgium, said that the one fifth of the petition's
backers who attached a note sent “extremely angry comments… Many of them say,
'If that continues, I will not renew my membership,'” he told The Scientist.
About 1000 of the signatories are from the United States, Gevers said.

"Only if you put in your paper the name of a well-known Professor in USA, member of IEEE, you can have a full paper in IEEE" professors use to say. "This is because IEEE is an AMERICAN Company. We must make it clear." If you doubt, you can see the following interesting links:


Group of Scientists against the SCAM IEEE
Team of Researchers that wish to improve the Bad Reputation of the IEEE
Healthy minds that hate the ridiculus scam of IEEE

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  1. See this ridiculus IEEE Scam Message

    Dear Colleague,

    The IEEE CIS GOLD linkedin group is started by the IEEE CIS GOLD
    sub-committee. It promotes active involvement and participation in society
    activities as a means of advancing your research profile and career
    prospects and to enable the society to progress into the future to support
    our younger members. You are very welcome to start discussions or post job
    opportunities at:


    Best Regards,
    Dongrui Wu

    Information Technologist
    Industrial Artificial Intelligence Lab
    GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY 12309