Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The comment of PETRE DINI in the blog

The blog
published 10 hours ago
today, Wednesday, 2 December 2009
rhe following

While browsing the net, I found two more fake journals
They say
We received this comment from some PETRE DINI

We do not know if the name PETRE DINI is real or not

This was the "PETRE DINI's"

Comment in our blog

While browsing the net, I found two more fake journals in Computer Science:(1) Computer Science Journals International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) (

Petre Dini



  1. Wait a minute

    PETRE DINI is the President of IARIA

    So, it is natural to blame

    Tell to Petre Dini that my journal IJCSI is very serious while all the Petre Dini Conferences that are called IARIA Conferences are pseudo-conferences that use the name of IEEE to take money from silly scientists"

  2. Is IJCSI a threat for IARIA Conferences? Looks like the open-access publication policy is gaining ground!
    As far as finance is concerned, to publish in IARIA conferences is too expensive! And publish what, bogus and fake papers?

  3. IARIA conferences exist to get the money, while delivering POOR QUALITY service!!

  4. Hi!

    Petre Dini is the winner of Bogus Conferences' Scam. He is quite clever.
    He has always the collaboration of IEEE.
    IEEE & IARIA is a Mafia Business.

    This scum of our society sell the name IEEE

  5. Unfortunately, this is true.
    Petre Dini is an IEEE agent, a good organizer of "fake conferences" using the name of IEEE.
    I sent him a low quality paper (say: garbage) and he asked me 600 EUR to publish it. I told him that I am from a poor country and I want some help, for example "if i could pay 100 EUR less"

    Petre Dini refused me this small favour. He told me "give me 600 EUR otherwise your paper cannot be published in IEEE Computer Society Press"

    Then, i told him ok, but I sent to IARIA a fake SCIgen paper and he accepted it immediately asking me 600 + 600 EUR.
    The first 600 EUR were for the good paper, the second 600 EUR for the SCIgen paper.
    Please, inform your people about this SCAM

  6. 600 Euros??? That's crazy man!!
    Don't publish even your good papers in IARIA conferences.. better send them to some good journals out there!

  7. Petre Dini is not so gilty. The real gilty is the IEEE Computer Society Press that sells its name for some good amount of money to Petre Dini.

    Petre Dini is a canny man, grown up through the Internet (like Nagib Callaos).

  8. i dont know why ieee ask money to subscribe article which was submitted members by free of cost and even those researchers give up copy right to ieee , really its worse monopoly