Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prof. DARIO PETRI accepted the bad quality of IEEE Sponsored conferences

Also, we found in the blog: the following very interesting new post yesterday


Prof. DARIO PETRI accepted the bad quality of IEEE Sponsored conferences,,,,,,"" <>,,

An impressive declaration from Prof. DARIO PETRI

Dear Mario,

I believe that many IEEE (sponsored or co-sponsored) conferences are quite bogusbecause they have published a lot of fake papers from SCIgen automatic machineor papers of low quality...We must be careful, otherwise our massive policy for giving the name of IEEE to strangeorganizers will harm the reputation of IEEE conference, if we have kept any rank of such an old reputation.

IEEE Italy Section


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  1. oho good dear ! very interesting blog and a good posting you must maintain your blog, its interesting ! Everybody must know these slimy conferences

  2. I think these conferences were victims of SciGen. I guess if this SciGen is taken off the net, that would help.

    I think whoever posted this has an axe to grind against people (at IEEE or a particular person) or maybe this is just from a disgruntled guy whose paper were rejected because of poor quality.

    I suggest that you guys leave IEEE alone. It's older than your grandfather. No matter what you say, it does not change that IEEE contributed to technology, science, engineering through a century.