Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bogus Conferences SCIRP and Bogus Conferences SDIWC. Fake Conferences SCIRP and Fake Conferences SDIWC


  1. More Fake IEEE Conferences. The Fake Conference of Hamid Arabnia 2014 changes name. Hamid Arabnia's fake organization is called now "AMERICAN COUNCIL on SCIENCE and EDUCATION" with "official" site:
    More Fake IEEE Conferences:

    The Fake and Bogus Conferences of Hamid Arabnia change name. Hamid Arabnia's fake organization is called now "AMERICAN COUNCIL on SCIENCE and EDUCATION" with "official" site:

    It is amazing that this site: and the site: does not have any name of any scholar. No President. No Chairmen. No Program Commitees. Be careful of the new fake Conferences of Hamid Arabnia. Hamid Arabnia false claims again in
    that the proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society's CPS. Authors of accepted papers must agree with the standard IEEE's statement in reference to IEEE Copyrights (Intellectual Property Rights):

    "The CSCI conference acknowledges that the IEEE shall at all times be the sole owner of all rights in and to the work. The IEEE shall have the exclusive right (but not the obligation) to obtain and renew copyright registration of, or relating to, any and all such works in the name of IEEE or in such other name or names as IEEE may elect. This agreement constitutes an assignment to IEEE of all rights in and to the work the conference agrees to execute and deliver to IEEE, promptly upon request, any documents that IEEE may reasonably request to attain and protect IEEE's exclusive rights."

    After the conference, selected authors will also be given the opportunity to have the extended versions of their papers considered for publication by journals and book publishers (Springer, Elsevier, ...)
    i.e. the same fudge every year. The same fairy tale of Hamid Arabnia every year.

  2. I have sent many papers to IAENG and IEEE.
    I have never received any review either from IAENG or from IEEE.
    IEEE Conferences are fake and for these reasons some serious Frence Scientists discovered in IEEE E-Library more than 85 bogus SCIgen Papers. Google: 85 Fake Papers in IEEE
    or download the article (actually published in Springer Verlag) from:

    So, yes IAENG conferences are fake and bogus , but also IEEE conferences are fake and bogus.
    This is my opinion. Oh, I forgot the SIAM conferences. SIAM Conferences are also bogus and fake.
    I know that it is tradition in Mathematics to have Mathematical Conferences without any review.
    Yeah. SIAM is also bogus.

  3. My name is Petre Dini and I am the President of IARIA,
    I am also victim of Jeffrey Beall
    Actually, this pseudo-scholar Jeffrey Beall is a thug. He uses black lists to create profit. Also he is involved in tax evation and money laundry.
    I asked him several times to remove IARIA from his black list and he promised me to re-analyze the site
    There is not any real reason to have our institute IARIA in his pseudo-list.
    The cost to re-analyze the portal of my organization was 100,000 USD,
    Exactly "re-analyze" was the verb that he used in our phone conversation. Why re-analyze? Who is he that analyzes or re-analyzes Academic organizations?
    What are his qualifications. I am professor in Electrical Engineering with many publications (in IARIA and outside IARIA). Who is this pseudo-professor - money hungry thug?

    Anyway, Jeffrey Beall gave us two accounts in Tax Heaven Countries: One account in a Bank of St. Vincent and another account in Belize.
    We do not pay 100,000 USD for IARIA and so IARIA is still now in his list.

    I estimate that Hindawi has paid to pseudo-professor Jeffrey Beall something like 1500000 (1 million and half) $

    Somebody must report Jeffrey Beall' activities in American Authorities.

    Anybody can kill him.

    If somebody kills him, he will absolve the Humanity from this monster.


    Petre Dini

  4. SDIWC is the bogus one. They are popular in making fake conferences. They make false claim and cheat the academicians and researchers.