Friday, May 28, 2010

Steele D. Burrow sent us "Many IEEE Conferences are fake conferences"

We received an email today from
Steele D. Burrow
and we would like to share it with you
So, Dr. Burrow agrees:

Many IEEE Conferences are fake conferences

Try to discover them!

They have published in their proceedings fake papers
Why does the IEEE continue giving them the IEEE Sponsorship

IEEE does not examine the quality of the people that organize its conferences

So, many bogus papers have been published in IEEE several times

look also this email:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 25 May 2010 02:33

Incredible SPAM and terrific FRAUD from IEEE by
Prof. Zbigniew Leonowicz

A new IEEE SPAM invaded in our PCs today. Enjoy it. If some small conference organizer like Hamid Arabnia or like Nagib Callaos had ever sent this kind of nasty SPAM, the academic community would kill them via the various blogs. But it is not fare to fight the the small conference organizers (Hamid Arabnia, Nagib Callaos etc...) and leave the "big fish" unpunished!
Admire the IEEE Spam now:

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Dear Participants, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee we would like to express our deepest gratitude to You. For your excellent contributions, your talks, your participation. [We had never participated in this IEEE Conference though]

Thanks to you the EEEIC 2010 was so interesting, fruitful and memorable event !

Some pictures are posted here:
[We had never participated in this IEEE Conference though]

If you would like to publish your photos or movies, please upload them by FTP to the conference site and drop an email with informations to

* FTP Username:
* Password: pictureeeeic2010
* FTP Server:
* FTP Server Port: 21
* Quota: 5000 MB

Dear Participants ! We all hope to meet you again in Rome in May 2011 !
[We had never participated in this IEEE Conference though]

Best regards,

Prof. Zbigniew Leonowicz, PhD

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using the following email: [We had never subscribed to them though]

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[This is one more IEEE Scam]